The UK Charity is now closed

On 21st November we held an EGM via zoom at which a resolution to close the charity in early 2021 was passed unanimously. A second resolution to transfer all MOPC UK's remaining funds to MOPC Mutoko, Zimbabwe, on receipt of a detailed budget and timetable from MOPC Mutoko for how these funds will be used, was also passed unanimously.

The rationale behind these decisions is that MOPC Mutoko is moving towards closure of the children's home. Through their hard work, there are now only 13 children living at the children's home. Four of these will leave at the end of this year as they have reached 18 years of age. Positive steps have been made towards tracing family members for 4 of the 13 remaining children and fostering for 2 children. There are also good expectations of fostering or reintegration for a further 4 children. Foster families have been found for 3 of the 18 year olds due to leave at the end of 2020. MOPC UK cannot justify the expense of maintaining the charity and the costs of transferring further grants for the education and welfare of the very few remaining children. Transferring our reserves in one procedure for MOPC Mutoko to use for these children will be more efficient. Hence, MOPC UK will close on 28th February 2021.

Since 2004 the charity has supported MOPC Mutoko in providing a wonderful home and childhood for hundreds of children affected by or abandoned due to the HIV/Aids pandemic in Zimbabwe. Many fundraising events, individual sponsored achievements and covenants have contributed to meet the needs of educating and caring for the children. And a number of trustees and members have visited MOPC to provide materials and activities for the children and the community. After so many years of involvement, it is sad to see the children’s home coming to an end, but it is also good news that there is much less need for institutional care for children in Zimbabwe.

The future of MOPC Mutoko

In the future MOPC is looking at developing a spiritual retreat, counselling and skills development centre and expanding the Divine Child school as part of their Apostolate.

The trustees of MOPC UK would like to say a huge thank you to all our members and supporters. Your support has made a massive difference to the children on MOPC Mutoko and those who care for them.

We have tried to inform all our regular generous donors of the charity's closure, but there are some for whom we have no contact details.

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